Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Besides the LA premiere, the other premiere of New Moon was in Knoxville-and I got to go! Jessica won 2 tickets and I was lucky enough to be her date. I swear that girl always wins contests…which I love because I get to tag along! The premiere was at the movie theater in Turkey Creek and Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, and Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, were both attending. We were hoping for a surprise visit from Edward, but that didn’t happen. 😦

Taylor and Kristen were supposed to arrive around 6:30, but we ended up waiting on them for an hour and a half! Rumor was she had to change her dress because the one she was wearing was too fancy for Knoxville. Although she made us wait forever, I will say her dress was super cute. And you could not hear anything when they pulled up and walked the red carpets…screaming girls were everywhere. Jessica and I may have contributed to some of that noise! And being at the premiere just confirmed my love of celebrities and Hollywood..maybe I’ll be planning these events one day for a living!

The best part was getting to see the movie before it opened! And I LOVED it! The movie follows the book exactly-although I didn’t remember the ending, so that was a surprise. I also went to see it again over Thanksgiving break with Kayla, Summer and Mary. It was just as good the second time. And I was totally Team Edward with the first movie and books. But, I have to say, Jacob’s abs in this movie are enough to make any girl change her mind!

I am already wanting to read the books again and can’t wait for Eclipse on June 30! Thanks for taking me Jeska Weska!

Waiting for Jacob to discover us!

Taylor aka Jacob the dress that caused us to wait forever! It must be very easy for her to play Bella because she’s pretty awkward in person too

Team Edward before the movie…after the movie, I’m thinking of switching over!

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