Happy Valentine’s Day!

We just celebrated our first married Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is kind of funny to us. Our first V-day when we were dating turned out horrible! We tried to cook dinner together and everything went wrong that possibly could (why I tried to cook I’ll never know) and we ended up fighting! Needless to say, they got better! And now we always laugh when we talk about it.

We actually aren’t big on this “holiday.” Like most people, we think it seems sort of silly to buy each other presents just because you are supposed to. However, who ever wants to turn down presents? Nick loves sushi (which I don’t) and is always wanting to go to Nama Sushi Bar, so we are going this Saturday. We decided to skip the crowds this weekend and go later. I have been wanting a new workout from Beachbody called Insanity and that’s what he got me! I am a huge fan of P90X and did it before the wedding and still do some of the DVD’s when I don’t want to go to the gym. I’m a little scared about this one because it looks like a ton of cardio, which I hate but want to do more of. It’s basically 10 different DVD’s:
Dig Deeper & Fit Test
Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Cardio Power & Resistance
Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery
Pure Cardio & Abs
Cardio Abs
Core Cardio & Balance
Max Interval Circuit
Max Interval Plyo
Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

It’s a 60 day progam and they give you a schedule for the workouts. I haven’t decided if I’m going to stick to that or just mix these in with my normal workout routine. Hopefully I’ll survive! If you are looking for a new workout, check out http://www.beachbody.com. I would highly recommend P90X! Maybe they will hire me to be in one of the infomercials!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Lauren says:

    you know i love these stupid videos!! 🙂 I'll let you know. I'm really nervous…watching the video practically made me want to pass out!! you can do one with me when you come in for spring break!! love you

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