40 Days and 40 Nights…

of no dessert! Yep, gave it up for Lent. Nick grew up Cathloic, so I started Lent with him the first year we were dating and have continued, even though we don’t go to a Catholic church now. Mom’s doing it with me, so hopefully that will help! I did great before the wedding last year about not eating a ton of sweets, but once that white dress was put up, I started eating junk food all the time. I told Nick if I read my Bible every time I thought about ice cream or cookies, I would be doing really well! 🙂

I had a lunch meeting today with TWO chocolate chip cookies in my boxed lunch and yep, they went in the trash. that’s practically a sin in itself, but was very proud of my willpower. maybe ice cream to celebrate? ha! I figured writing about it on here would hold me accountable (plus telling God would too). Wish me luck!This should be interesting.

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