American Saturday Night

Last Friday, we went to the Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley concert. We had awesome seats in the 5th row. We went with Mike and Summer, Megan and Joey and Loren and Jason. We started out downtown at Crown and Goose for dinner and then took the trolley over to Thompson Boling Arena. I didn’t even know you could do this, but from August to May, the trolley runs for free downtown until 3:00 a.m. We had to walk a little bit, but we didn’t have to pay for parking or wait in traffic after the concert. You can check out the schedule here.

The concert was awesome. Miranda and Brad both sound really good live. Brad said he really likes Knoxville and has been to Neyland Stadium. He told the crowd UT fans have had it rough lately with Lane Kiffin and having to watch Alabama win the national championship, so he sang Rocky Top. We loved it of course.

Nick’s favorite song by Brad is “I’m Still a Guy,” which is hilarious. He sang all of his popular songs, but one of my favorites was “Then,” because that was our first dance song at our wedding. It was a great concert!

Sum and I before the concert in our Kingston Yellow Jacket colors.

Nick and I at Crown and Goose where I had a yummy filet.

Sum and I at the concert-we got on the jumbotron!

Miranda Lambert

Brad Paisley..he definitely saw us!

Girls on the trolley…notice the sign above Summer’s head!

3 thoughts on “American Saturday Night

  1. Lauren says:

    thanks girl! It was really good…they both sound awesome live. makes me wish i could sing SO BAD!Kayla, i hope not because she had whiskey on stage at one point!!

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