Belated Birthday!

It’s a little late since I celebrated my birthday in April! We were leaving for Costa Rica on my birthday, so Mom, Nick, Heather and I celebrated a little early this year. Heather’s birthday is April 22 and mine is April 24-I’m her favorite birthday present EVER! She turned the big 3-0 this year and I hit my upper twenties at 26, which seems so much older than 25. I’m not sure about it yet! 🙂

We went to Downtown Grill and Brewery for dinner and finished with a yummy banana split. I love my family and already miss them since I’m now 8 hours away.

Then, the night before we left for Costa Rica, Mike, Summer, Mary, Nick and I went to Fogo de Chao in Atlanta. If you have never been, check it out here. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse, so you pay a set fee and it’s basically an all you can eat meat fest all night! Servers walk around and when you flip your coaster to green, they cut off meat for you. I got a little overwhelmed the first time I flipped mine over because they basically come running! Mike definitely got his money’s worth of meat, but he did have a set “stretegy” going in-meat only! I loved the cooked bananas, mashed potatoes and bread too!

My “short” husband

My “tall” boyfriend!

And last, I got a present all the way from Memphis from Kayla, Travis and Reecie! Thanks friends-it looks great in front of our door and will soon be moving to Maryland!

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