Pura Vida

When Nick and I first started dating, we discovered we had both been to Costa Rica. I did a study abroad program there in college and Nick went after his college graduation. We have always wanted to go back together and decided it would be a great anniversary trip (and birthday trip for me!) We went with Summer, Mike, Amy and Nathan-we all got married on the same weekend in May! Nick’s Dad has a beach house in Playa Bejuco and we went from Saturday to Saturday. It’s definitely an adventure vacation but I love it there and can’t wait to go back!

This is the beach right in front of the house-beautiful! It’s so different from FL where you always have tons of people on the beach-we always had it to ourselves!

Nathan turned into Jungle Boy in Costa Rica. We woke up the first morning to see him and Jose chopping coconuts in the yard!

The girls never used a hair dryer the entire week because it was SO hot. But it was kind of nice to be on vacation and get ready in 5 minutes!

This Costa Rica book was Mike’s bible the entire week, so we had fun hiding it from him from time to time!

We went to eat at Hotel Bejuco and have drinks.

Probably one of the only vacations you can go on and not gain weight-the food is pretty healthy and you sweat ALL DAY!

The bartender gave me a free birthday drink and I was scared because he lit it on fire!

Monkeys at Manuel Antonio, the national park. Kayla, you would have died!

Aren’t they cute?

The cows there did not look like American cows! This was on our way up to the rainforest for an afternoon hike. It rained the entire time and I have never been that soaked in my life.

We went to Manuel Antonio at the end of the week and stopped in a little town on the way home for dinner, which was amazing. All of the food there was incredible.

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