Life Up North

Things have been pretty busy since we have moved to Maryland. We’ve had to go back and forth to Tennessee a few times and it’s a LLOONNGGG drive. I start a new job in D.C. tomorrow, so we are looking for an apartment closer to D.C. so we will both have about a 30 minute commute. Apartment rent here costs more than our house mortgage did back home, so it’s a bit of a shock, but I think we have found a few we like.

In the meantime, we have done a little sightseeing and recently had some visitors! Most of the pictures are on Kayla’s camera, so I’ll have to steal them from her, but we had a great time. Hopefully next time they visit we will have all of our furniture. It’s still in storage until we move, so for now, this is what we look like:

Actually, we have 2 lawn chairs instead of a canoe, but you get the idea! I can’t wait to have a couch to sit on! We have spent some time in D.C. and a lot of time in downtown Frederic, which has tons of cute shops and restaurants. And lots of ice cream!

Lunch and drinks at the Round Robin Bar. The bartender was shocked when I ordered a beer…I guess northern girls don’t do that!

Smithsonian, which was a great escape from the heat

Our new house!

I got stung by a few wasps one afternoon, so Nick brought me some Bruster’s to fix it!

After the fireworks on July 4th

If you look really close, it’s called the Burr Library

We’ve had lots of seafood since we moved here. It’s really cheap, but they bring the ENTIRE lobster and you have to break it apart yourself.

It’s really fun up here. But I am tired of hearing, “you aren’t from here are you?”

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