Still Alive in D.C.

I’m sure all 5 of you that read this blog have been concerned about my whereabouts! 🙂 We moved apartments at the end of August (yep, 3rd move since May-I don’t recommend it) and my camera cord has apparently decided to take up residence in an unknown location. And what’s a blog post without photos? My mission this weekend is to discover its location-how fun, right?

But we love our new apartment and my commute is back to normal. The first month I was working, I had to commute from Frederick, MD to D.C. A simple 22 mile trip to the metro sometimes took more than an hour, which was followed by a 30 minute train ride. I nearly LOST my mind. I think that’s why people from the north don’t have any southern “hospitality”-they are too stressed out and bitter from sitting in traffic all the time! Now I just have a 30 minute train ride into D.C., which is fantastic. Unless the metro breaks down-which also causes stress and bitterness! But hey, I’m not really complaining. I LOVE, LOVE this city!

We moved to Rockville, MD, which is in Montgomery County. It’s apparently the 8th richest county in the country, which I believe from the size of our apartment rent. Our condo mortgage in Knoxville was peanuts compared to what we are paying up here for a 2B/2B apartment. Gotta love city living!

I was at lunch with co-workers last Friday and a motorcade pulled up. Someone made the comment that they thought it was the motorcade belonging to this lady:

After a little bit of stalking, it ended up just being this guy:

Who’s that you ask? The Prime Minister of Georgia. At least that’s the photo Google pulled up. For all I know, it could be any old joe. But the Secret Service guys did look pretty scary/cool with their black suits, SUV’s and headsets.

Guess the stalking will continue of D.C.’s rich and famous. Transformers is filming here this week, so maybe I’ll be discovered and replace this chica as the famous girl from Kingston!

A girl can dream right?

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