Ten Thousand Villages

I just discovered the cutest store in Rockville Town Square (think Market Square, but more shops, restaurants and events going on) called Ten Thousand Villages. They are a nonprofit program ran by the Mennonites that helps artists in developing countries sell their work in the United States and Canada. In the store we went to, they had items from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Honduras, Bolivia, Kenya, Nepal, Combodia, Ghanan, etc. I assumed everything would be over priced, since they typically are at these types of stores, but almost everything I saw was affordable. I got this necklace for $16 from Indonesia. Some of the beads look blue in this photo, but they are actually the same shade as my blog background. Sounds fancy if I say my necklace is from Indonesia, no?

They have a couple of stores in this area and one in Nashville and Pigeon Forge. You can also shop online, but I always like to see items like this in person. They also have a couple of things I have my eye on for the house. So check out this place if you need some unique gift ideas! Too bad they aren’t paying me for this little commercial!

2 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Villages

  1. Lauren says:

    You should NOW!! Seriously, there are so many cool shops here. There are some I can just walk to from my office, so it's bad for the wallet, ha. Bring the Mr. and come on!!

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