Top Two Tuesday

This will be my first Top Two Tuesday, but I have seen it on other blogs and it looks like fun! Check it out.

Top Two Jobs You Have Ever Had:
1. Cheerleading/Gymnastics Coach: Hands down, the best job EVER! I am currently having withdrawals from it since we have moved to D.C.! I started coaching gymnastics when I moved to Murfreesboro in 2002. I needed a job when I first went to MTSU and heard about an opening at Elite Energy Gymnastics . I got a job and started coaching rec classes-Tumble Bears and Beginner classes. It was mostly rolls, cartwheels and walking on the balance beam, but I loved it. How much cuter can you get than little kids in their pink gymnastics leotards?

I eventually taught everything from Preschool kids to Advanced classes, but I really wanted to coach cheerleading. I started working at a cheer gym and then got really lucky when Elite Energy Gymnastics and the cheer gym combined! My senior year of college, I helped start an all-star team and got to coach it with one of my besties, Annie. That was an interesting year! There are definitely lots of trials when starting a new competitive program-plus the stress of cheer parents! We weren’t the best team, but winning 1st place at the last competition of the year actually made me cry after all of the yard work. Seeing kids you work with on a regular basis achieve a goal is so rewarding! I still get to see some of those kids each year at cheerleading competitions. It’s so crazy to see how much they have grown each year and how good they are now! Several of them are on Level 4 teams and working on layouts, fulls and standing tucks!

When I moved back to Knoxville after college, I started working at Premier Athletics. I taught rec classes again for a year and then I started coaching for Sharks. It was kind of strange to coach at a gym where learned a backhandspring! I coached for Sharks for three years and only left because we moved.

I can’t even describe how much I loved coaching here. I have made some of my best friends there and miss, miss, miss them, and I got to work with an amazing group of kids. It definitely had its challenges, especially with a full-time PR job, but it was worth it. Winning Cheersport Nationals my first year with our Youth Level 2 team was definitely one of the highlights-we got to be on Channel 10 too! Cheersport is the biggest cheer competition-I think we had something crazy like 44 teams in our division. When you win 1st place, you get medals, banners and a jacket. Leaving the gym was one of the one main reasons that made it hard to leave Knoxville. I am going to a competition in two weeks and can’t freakin’ wait to see everyone!!

Inge and Jennifer-love these girls!

Bull Sharks

LOVE these coaches-we have so much fun together, especially at coach’s parties!

2. Public Relations-This is what I spend 40 hours a week doing! I love PR and feel very blessed that I am fulfilled by my career. One of my favorite aspects of PR is event planning. I helped plan a conference in Mississippi last year, which was fun, and I also like the social aspect of constantly working with new people, as well as traveling. I spent 4 years working for a PR firm and learned a lot-although I never thought I would work with science nerds in Oak Ridge!

I’m now working for a transportation organization in D.C. I’m starting to work more on the government relations side of things, which is very interesting. I recently spent the day on Capitol Hill and freaking loved it. Meet a Congressman too. šŸ™‚ I’m interested to see where PR will take me and eventually want to try a more entertainment based aspect or organization like Susan G. Komen or the American Red Cross. Plus, I get to do really cool things sometimes in this job, like being on the field at Neyland Stadium, meet Congressman Heath Shuler, work a fundraiser for Congressman Zach Wamp and meet Pat Summit, John Ward, Jason Whitten and Bruce Pearl (who smelled like a wkiskey factory).

Congressman Heath Shuler

The hottie Jason Whitten on the sidelines of Neyland!

My first job was Food City and it defintely didn’t fall on this list! My other job would have been my summer as a nanny in college. I kept two boys and they were beyond adorable. It was definitely good birth control though. šŸ™‚ My other choice would have been a student because I had the most amazing time in college and would go back in a second, but I figured it probably didn’t count.

What are your two favorite jobs?

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