Thank You God For My Macaroni and Tea

This year our Thanksgiving turkey was eaten in Virginia instead of Tennessee-but it still tasted the same thanks to Aunt Della! We had half of the family in Kingston and the rest of us were in Virginia at Brandi and Geoff’s. I’m so glad they are only two hours away from us! We got to meet Addelyn-what a sweet, sweet baby! She slept most of the day away being passed around.

Colby is changing every time we see him and is such a little entertainer now. We taught him to say “Stop, Hammer Time!” and it’s hilarious. When he tries to say Nick and Lauren Jochum, he gets all messed up on our last name and it sounds like “you’re welcome.” He can say the entire New Testament and sings little songs. I already miss him and can’t wait to see him again.

My favorite part of the day was at dinner when Colby said the prayer before we ate and said, “Thank you God for my macaroni and tea.”

Thank you God for little children!

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