6.2 Baby!

I ran my first 10k (6.2 miles) in November! I ran the Turkey Trot 10k, which is part of the Marine Marathon series. It was on the Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia, which is right outside of D.C. It basically looked like a big college campus, but it was really pretty!

I used to hate to run-probably because I felt like I suddenly had asthma whenever I tried! I started running some this summer when we moved because I didn’t have a gym membership. About 7 weeks before the race, I decided to sign up and see if I could make 6 miles. I downloaded a 10k training plan from Hal Higdon and started on week 2. The plan made it really easy to increase my miles each week. I actually missed the long 4.5 run, but I did all of the others. It felt like such an accomplishment when I ran 5 miles and even better on the day of the race when I ran 6!

I love running now! I’ve taken a break from it the past few weeks because of some knee issues and the sub-artic tempatures we are dealing with and I actually miss it! I’m hoping to start back in the next few weeks and if my knee feels fine, I might look for a longer race to train for. A half marathon perhaps? Yikes! Thanks for all of the running advice Jenn-the knee brace is my best friend when I run!!

My official trainer-he rides his bike while I run. And holds my water bottle. And hits me over the head with it if I try to stop.

He was my paparazzi at the race too.

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