Trip To Tennessee

I went home for a few days at the beginning of December to meet Miss Lily. It was so good to be back in Tennessee and spend time with my family. Although the best part might have been the traffic, especially in Kingston. It’s just so easy to get around there. I adore D.C., but despise the traffic here. My Mom just moved into a new house in Center Farms and it’s really cute. I somehow forgot to take any pictures of it-I think it had something to do with the baby! She will get her own post. 🙂 Here’s a few highlights of my trip. I can’t wait to go home next week! I love D.C. and the “big city” life, but there is nothing as comforting as returning back to Kingston. Who know I would appreciate that little town so much one day?

A little bit of shopping with my mama. We stopped by Serendipity in Knoxville and they were having a $7 sale on summer dresses. I racked up-I’ll never find sales like that in D.C. I love that store. Never been? You should go.

Lunch date at Mama Mia’s with some of my favorite ladies. Ever tried to eat with a one month old? Good birth control!

Went to Sevierville to watch the Sharks compete and reunite with my besties.

And yes, I rocked a good luck bow for the girls when they asked. They were wearing red bows for Christmas.

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