A Holly Jolly Christmas

Before we left D.C. to go home for Christmas, we went and checked out the National Christmas tree by the White House.  They also have a tree for each state, but I forgot to take a picture of the Tennessee tree. 

We went home on December 23 and stayed until New Year’s. We had so much fun with everyone at home, so it was hard to leave.

We spent Christmas Eve with Nick’s Mom.  Heather and Mom came over and we made some yummy desserts-recipes to follow!

We spent Christmas Eve with Mom’s family and had our traditional meal of pizza! Fancy, right?

I was so excited to Lily and my sister
We drove to Nashville on Christmas Day. Thank goodness Nick is used to driving in Idaho weather. Tennessee drivers were all over the interstate because of the snow.

We saw my Dad’s new house.

We had lunch with Carrie and Anthony. Only a few more months until the wedding!

Roxie loved the snow!
We got to spend Christmas with this little elf!

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