Snow and Sunshine

On Saturday morning, Nick and I got up early and drove to Ski Liberty Mountain Resort to go snow tubing.  Ski Liberty is in Carroll Valley, PA and was only about an hour drive from our apartment.  This is probably one of my favorite things about living here-we are in driving distance to several states, so there are lots of new things to try out.

We started the morning off right with some Chick-fil-a.  The absence of Chick-fil-a in DC is a major strike against the city, so we hit them up anytime we see one.

Happy Husband

Get in my belly

When we first pulled up, Ski Liberty didn’t look much bigger than Ober-we didn’t even drive up a mountain, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  But the snow tubing hill was great. The hill is sectioned off into lanes but with the recent rain and snow mix, there was a nice layer of ice on the top, so we were cruising down the hill. On the first trip down, my tube went crazy and I was all over the place, so I didn’t care for it. Nick pointed out that 5 year olds were having a great time, so obviously it wasn’t that scary. I guess I’m a big baby! It was really fun-Nick always took a running leap and went down on his stomach. I was a grandma and sat in the tube. Daredevil right?

He loved it, but made fun of the size of the mountain. Apparently it didn’t compare to Idaho!

We stopped at our favorite pizza place on the way home, Pizza and Pretzels. Best dough ever.

We finally saw some sunshine on Sunday, so we spent some time outside with Roxie. I think she has the winter blues, because she’s extra crazy right now!

I made some Funfetti cupcakes on Sunday before the SuperBowl. We haven’t had these in forever and they are yummy! We may have had multiple cupcakes last night after dinner. Fat kids!

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