Oh Happy Day!

It’s almost Friday, the sun is shining in D.C. today and it’s almost time to leave the office-whoo hoo! And,  it’s Thursday, so that means two hours of hot doctors on TV! I’m a happy girl. Happy Thursday friends!

Is anyone else loving the new judges on American Idol? I quit watching the past few years and didn’t really like the show anymore, but I’m loving it this season. I think I have a weird crush on J.Lo and Steven Tyler-they are so cute! He’s a bit of a hot mess, but funny. I think he puts some of the girls through based on looks alone.

I caught Roxie sitting in the floor last night with her paws crossed-we think she was praying that we would give her ball back. I didn’t catch the picture in time-she moved of course. She is O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with tennis balls, but picks all of the fuzz off so we find it everywhere. She will take your hand off to get it from you!
I think she probably picks up radio frequencies in those ears-or one day she just might fly away. LOVE her.

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