Trip to Virginia

Over President’s Day weekend, we went to Virginia to stay with Brandi and Geoff. Nick helped Geoff put up crown molding and Brandi and I had a girly day and went shopping with the kiddos. Colby helped pick out my Easter wreath for our front door. I played a video for him on YouTube from my phone and I think he is a little obsessed with YouTube now-he kept asking for more music and carrying my phone around. Kids start early these days!

Can you even tell she has had 2 kids-nope!
Colby loves to wear ties like his Daddy-what a little grown up!
helping out at church
Dad and his little mini-me

Isn’t this a sweet face? Colby came and got in bed with us.
Colby and Nick Welcome (that’s what it sounds like when he says our last name)
wearing Nick’s shoes around the house
sweet baby Addelyn

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