Loving the Sunshine

I will get to see this pretty little lady in ONE month! Mom, Heather and Lily will be heading to DC on April 21 and we’ll get to celebrate Easter and our birthdays together (mine is April 24 and Heather’s is April 22).  This will be the first time Heather has been here since we’ve moved and I haven’t seen Lily since Christmas, so I’m counting down the days until their trip.  Although I’m not so sure about the big 2-7 I’ll be celebrating this year because it means 30 is rapidly approaching.  Remember when 30 sounded so old and grown up? It still does, but I’m well on my way there.

Don’t you love the chubby thighs? Heather took her to the doctor yesterday for her 5 month appointment and she weighed 13lbs and 11ozs and was 24 1/2 inches long.  
This weekend was gorgeous in DC and it’s so nice to leave work and it’s not dark outside.  I’m finally coming out of my winter hibernation! On Saturday, we headed to Olde Town Alexandria and had a picnic along the water front and took Roxie for a long walk.  There is an 18 mile trail that runs along the water and Roxie jumped right in and started swimming.  We never thought a Yorkie would like the water, but she loves it.
She looks much smaller when her hair is wet.
I met some girls for happy hour after work yesterday at Dirti Martini and this place was great.  Their slogan is “Come Clean, Leave Dirty.”  They had live music and I tried the Dark Scent and it was delicioso.  I’m a big pomegranate fan lately-mojitos, Greek yogurt, juice-it’s all good!
Off to do some work….

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