A House Full of Sorority

That’s what Nick said when he heard that Annie, Kristen and Jessica were coming to visit!  Megabus recently started a route from Knoxville to DC-which seems pretty random, but a great way for people to get here for super cheap.  Jessica looked up the fares and they were $1 for the trip to DC and $12 for a return trip-$40 for 3 people, which is even cheaper than driving a car here.  Annie called me 2 weeks earlier and said, “what are you doing this weekend in March?”  Kristen and Jessica both had spring break, Annie and I took a few days off work and viola-GIRLS TRIP in DC! Nothing like some last minute planning, right?

The girls left Knoxville at 9 on Wednesday morning while I had a busy day on the Hill for work.  They sent me a picture of the bus as they left.  The bus parking lot is near Union Station, so I headed over after work to meet them.  They started walking towards me and I almost walked right past them because I didn’t realize they were so close.  Then I got to introduce them to the lovely metro system and how you only stand on the right side of the escalator and walk on the left (seriously, people will run over you here if you mess it up).  I made chicken, pineapple and cilantro quesadillas that night and we watched American Idol.  Nick had to work, so he left us early to go to bed.  We ended up staying up until 3 a.m. talking and looking at pictures from college.  Let’s just say there was lots of laughter and stories that won’t be shared on there!

Riding the rail

We didn’t make it up as early as we intended the next day, but we headed to DC and went to the National Cathedral.  After a bus trip that ended in the wrong direction and featured a women wearing a foam crate on her head (remember sleeping on those when you were a kid), we went to happy hour in Chinatown at a Spanish tapas bar and the food was delicioso.  We introduced Annie to H&M and went in some local shops.  We finished at Forever 21, which was THREE stories.  Forever 21 is always a little overwhelming because of the amount of merchandise, but this one was out of control. 

National Mall

Flying away in an “air balloon”

We did a tour of the Capitol and the guy gave us tickets to see the House in session, which was really cool! They did votes earlier that day, so we were disappointed to miss that.  It looks much smaller in person than it does during the State of the Union.

On Friday night, I took them to Old Ebbitt Grill, the oldest restaurant in DC and home of a yummy pomegrante mojito (remember, I’m obsessed with pom right now).  Before eating at Old Ebbit (which serves food until 2 and stays open until 3), we went to the Hotel Washington-both of these are right beside the White House.  We did talk to a guard at the White House and we were this close to having dinner with the President.  We headed to Dupont Circle after dinner.   

Hello President Obama!

Hanging out at the W

We also had a mini photo shoot on the metro ride home. Doesn’t everyone do this after a late night?

Nick and I put the girls back on the bus on Saturday night at 9.  I had so much fun catching up and laughing over crazy stories from college.  Love, love you girls and thanks for coming to visit me! Hopefully our next move will be another cool place to visit-that’s what Jessica asked for. 🙂 Love you Annie Bannie, Jeska Weska and Kwisten!

Lawen Lu

4 thoughts on “A House Full of Sorority

  1. Lauren says:

    I was telling them all about it and they didn't have it because it's not lobster season. But I've had it several times since moving here! 🙂 I'll ship you one to Nashville. HOpe everything is going well!!

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