April Birthdays Continue

We have lots of family birthdays during the month of April-and today is my Sista’s birthday! She’s actually here in DC, so we will have a little birthday party later with some Georgetown Cupcakes (her choice because she watches the show).  I should point out that I’m her favorite birthday present ever.  Mom went into labor with me on Heather’s birthday, but I didn’t make an appearance until two days later.  

She was my MOH when I got married and was a life saver.  It’s very handy to have a sister that works at a bridal store!  Thanks for not killing me when we were kids and I used to walk up to you and give you an “oil check.” HA!

Happy Birthday Sister! I’m so glad that you are here with me in DC to celebrate.  Hope you don’t catch any mono germs. 🙂  We love you! 

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