They Made It Through The Vows

Last year, I told you that Carrie and Anthony got engaged.  Well, this past Saturday, they got married!  It was the same weekend that Nick and I got married, so it’s fun that we have anniversaries a few days apart.

Nick drove to Nashville early last week and made a stop in Knoxville to meet Mike and Summer’s newest arrival, Charlie.  I flew down at the end of the week…it’s rough only having 2 weeks of vacation when your husband has 5!   

We stayed at my Dad’s new house in Springfield.  I forgot to take pictures of it, but it’s beatuiful and sits on a golf course.  It made us even more ready to get out of an apartment and have a house!  I ran around the neighborhood on Saturday morning and apparently the fear of being hit by a golf ball makes me a much faster runner…I ran my fastest 5K EVER in 24:20! When my watch beeped that my first mile was over at 7:20, I thought something was wrong with it.  I normally clock miles in the 8-9:30 range.  I was pumped, especially since I didn’t feel good at all on Friday. 🙂  I forgot to take a picture of the house, but I did get one before the wedding with Dad.

Where’s the smile, Dad??

We had the rehearsal on Friday night and dinner was in downtown Nashville at Merchant’s.  It reminded me of my college days of going out!

Ed and Carrie at the rehearsal

Ed taking it all in 🙂

Nick couldn’t believe his little sister was getting married 🙂

I got Ed to smile in a picture!

Several people say we look alike, which grosses Nick out. And yes, I wore my “fascinator” from the royal wedding!!

The wedding was on Saturday at Harpeth Hills Church of Christ and the reception was at Traveler’s Rest.  Special thanks to Ed and Carrie for making me cry my makeup off-very emotional ceremony!! I think it’s different to attend a wedding once you are married.  It makes you realize what the vows mean and makes the cereomny more special (at least to me!)

Ed walking Carrie down the aisle….I think the waterworks were already started!

I snapped this during the prayer. Is this allowed? So sweet though!

My favorite groomsmen!

Two years ago we were doing this!

Katie and Jeff…probably trying to stay awake since he was on France time!

Self-portrait time!

They did pictures before, so we only had a few family photos to take and could head to the reception.  We also did this and it’s so quick and easy!

Nick and his yougest sister, Taylor

Another sister! Jessica, Carrie’s Maid of Honor who gave a fabulous toast!

Mr. and Mrs. Nice dance moves Anthony!

Father/daughter dance.  Nick said, “Dad, you didn’t cry at my wedding!”

My handsome groom 🙂

Family shot!

Look alike much?

Nick’s Mom, who bought her dress from my sister. 

I may have had more than 1 piece of cake…it was delicious!

Dancing with his sister

Jess, you are next! Maybe another May wedding??

Can you see the family resemblance? I know exactly what Nick will look like!

Carrie made sure to earn her money during the dollar dance!

Congratulations Carrie and Anthony! We are so happy for you guys!

It was wonderful to be home for a few days.  Nana and Pop (Dad’s parents) came over for breakfast on Saturday and Janet made a huge, yummy breakfast.  Nick and I may have had peach cobbler and ice cream at the end of breakfast. 🙂 On the way home to DC, we stopped in Kingston to see Mom, Heather and Lily.  Grandmom, Graddad and Aunt Della also came over for a few hours, so it was wonderful to spend time with everyone.  I miss my family so much and apparently wasn’t ready to leave because I cried like a baby when we had to!

P.S. Don’t ever drive from Nashville to D.C.  It’s pure hell, especially when you hit traffic coming into the beltway at 11:30 p.m.

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