Baltimore Harbor

Mom, Heather and Lily came to visit us over Easter weekend and it was simply fabulous to have them here for 5 whole days.  I picked them up at the airport after work on Wednesday and introduced Heather and Lily to the metro.  You better believe I had my hands on that baby in about 2.5 seconds!

We went to Baltimore on Saturday and checked out the Inner Harbor.  We also drove by Charm City Cakes which you may recognize from Ace of Cakes on TLC.  They have blackout shades in their windows, so they must have a lot of creepers like us!  We had some good seafood and there were some interesting things to see in the Harbor, but overall, we weren’t super impressed with Baltimore.  I’ve heard there are some cute neighborhoods throughout the city, but you have to know where to go.  The Harbor is definitely a tourist destination.


He’s a goof. 🙂

Love this little angel

Lily loved Roxie and keep grabbing for her.  She would just laugh when she would touch her.  It was adorable…I love that sound!

We all had a good laugh when we opened our birthday presents. 

Here’s what I got Heather: 2 colors of eyeshadow and a bottle of Pink perfume from Victoria Secret. 

Here’s what Heather got me: Eyeshadow and a bottle of Pink perfume from Victoria Secret.

Great minds think alike apparently!

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