Gotta Love Country Boys

We went to see Eric Church and Jason Aldean a few weeks ago at Jiffy Lube Live in Virginia.  Fo sure, Virginia gives Tennessee a run for the money in the redneck department!  We felt like we were back home for a few hours.  You know you are not in the city anymore when you see girls in American flag bikini tops and blue jean shorts and guys who didn’t even bother to wear a shirt or shoes.  I wore cowboy boots and Nick had on a plaid shirt, but these peeps made us look like high class city folk!

We hit major traffic on the way in.  Dear Jiffy Lube Live organizers…please secure the police before people start to arrive. 

Not happy about the traffic

Get me back to Tennessee…I hate the city!

The concert was awesome!  It’s a covered outdoor pavilion and our seats were about 20 rows back from the stage.  Jane Dear Girls sang about 3 songs and they had some other up and coming acts on the side stages.  Jason Aldean said the last time he played at Jiffy Lube Live, he was singing on the side stage, so he was happy to be on the main one this time.  We liked him even more when we noticed the G for Georgia on his guitar strap.  It’s not Tennessee, but it still warms my heart to see a little bit of SEC love up here!

We knew most of the songs Eric Church sang, but he played a few from his new album that’s coming out this month.  My favorite was “These Boots.”  He was rowdy.  We were pretty sure he was drinking the entire time and he definitely brought out some tall boys at the end and downed them (similar to when Joey drinks milk on Friends in 10 seconds.  I know a few girls who know exactly what I’m talking about!) 

Nick loves Jason Aldean’s new song “Dirt Road Anthem” and my all time favorite of his is “She’s Country.”  I didn’t think he was going to play it and I was not happy until he came back out and ended with it.  He sang his duet with Kelly Clarkson and had her up on the screen.  The crowd freaked out when they heard her start singing and I was secretly hoping she would come out. 🙂

Awesome concert…go see these 2 if you can!

Later homeboy.

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