A little extra protein

I finally said adios to mono a few weeks before I was supposed to start my training for the half marathon in September.  I had a few weeks to start out with some easy runs before my training officially started on May 16.  Let me point out that the last time I worked out was the first week of March and oh my goodness I felt every second of those 2 miles on the first couple of runs.  It was pure hell heaven to run again and I’m pretty sure I left half a lung on the trail.  Thankfully I was able to build back up pretty quickly and I did 5 miles this past Sunday in 42 minutes (hey, I never said I was fast).  Hopefully mono doesn’t come to visit me again and I’ll actually survive this training.  I’ll also point out that deciding to train in the dead of summer was a brilliant idea.  I look like a bright red tomato at the end of every run.

I have only been running and just added weight training back in this week once I felt strong enough to survive a class.  I did Body Pump on Monday and I could barely get out of my office chair the fast few days.  Not working out for 2 months is a death sentence when you start back! Stay away from mono…I don’t recommend it.   

Very happy that I ran 5 miles

Not happy about the bug I enhaled mid-run. Note to self: keep your mouth closed!



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