Save the Tatas

The Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure was in D.C. this weekend and I had a visitor in town to run the race with me:

I picked Stephanie up at the airport after work on Friday after I left all of my brains at work and got on the wrong metro.  Twice.  I’ve been here for an entire year and I have never done that before.  I’m sure it made Steph feel totally confident in my ability to get her around the city. 🙂

We spent the night in DC at the Hyatt on Capitol Hill.  As we were walking to the hotel, a guy asked us where we were from and we said, “Tennessee.”  His reply?  “I thought I heard a Midwestern accent!”  Um, really?  Tennessee is definitely in the south.  And I thought our geography teachers were bad!

We went to Old Ebbitt Grill for dinner (clearly I love this restaurant) and stopped by to see what the President was up to. 

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Old Ebbitt Grill

Southern girls in the city

The race was on the National Mall on Saturday.  Nick meet us at the hotel and we headed over and found a sea of pink. 

Lots of pink. yes, we wore the same shirt! I also have a really cool sunburn in the shape of my racerbank tank.  It’s hot.
Almost 10,000 runners ran the race, but there were around 50,000 people total.

After the race, we checked out all the goodies sponsors were giving away.  We each got 2 free pink lunchboxes.  I also got these awesome sunglasses for having a Bank of America debit card with the breast cancer ribbon:

These pink sunglasses will be worn again

Pink sweat bands are cool.

Favorite t-shirt of the day

It was awesome to run along the Mall, past the Washington Monument and finish up at the Capitol.  Great job on your first 5k Stephanie! I can’t wait for the next one. 

Next up: sightseeing.

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