We Walked the Entire City

After the race, we took Stephanie around the city (and we didn’t get lost I want to point out after my metro disaster!) to show her the sights.

First up was a stop at Union Station for lunch at Capitol City Brewing Company.  I always refer to Cap City as D.C.’s version of Calhoun’s on the River for all of you Knoxville folks!  Their sweet potato fries are killer.  Seriously, you need these in your life asap.

Nick had 2 dates for the day!

After lunch, we took a little stroll around the Capitol.  Every time I go to the back of the Capitol, I think of our 8th grade trip when our teacher fell down the stairsJulia, I know you remember this because you couldn’t stop laughing!

We took the metro to Arlington Cemetery. 

Cleanest metro system in the country!

Steph, the girl in the picture is staring at you!

He falls asleep on the metro in about 2 minutes.  If he took the metro to work, he would miss his stop every morning!

We spent the afternoon at Arlington. 

Town of the Unknown Soldier.  Read some facts about the Guards here..it’s interesting!

Maybe a relative in Steph’s family tree?

View from Arlington House, which was Robert E. Lee’s house before the Civil War

I asked the historian a question and Nick and Steph snapped a picture to catch my nerd moment.  What can I say, I take after my Dad!

Jackie O

We asked the lady about how hot the clothing was because we assumed it was miserable.  She said they didn’t use cotton like we are used to, so the material breathes well and stays cool.  I taught you something today didn’t I?

The Eternal Flame and Robert E. Lee’s House

I seriously love taking the metro and not having to drive to work every morning.  However, when you are tired, hot and hungry and the metro has delays and breaks down, you get very unhappy people:

Steph, we had a great time showing you the city! Come back SOON! Hopefully the metro will work better when you do. 🙂

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