Person named Weiner, God that kills me

I was on Capitol Hill for an event yesterday and I passed by the office of Congressman Anthony Weiner. His office was being carefully watched and I’m sure it’s worse today since he just resigned

Every time I hear someone on the news talking about the scandal with Congressman Weiner, I think about the Friends episode with Ross and Rachel’s pediatrician, Dr. Weiner. I feel exactly like Joey when I hear his name:

Phoebe: It’s so weird seeing Ross and Rachel with a baby. It’s just so grown up.

Joey: I know, yeah. I feel like we’re all growing up. Person named Weiner, God that kills me.

Phoebe: Look at you all grown up.

Let’s be honest: We’re all grown-ups here, but we all still laugh, am I right? I know Kayla agrees because I called her and we immediately quoted Rachel yelling, “Weiner! Weiner!” That’s true friendship people.

It also proves my theory that everything in life can be related to a Friends episode (told ya, Nick).

Happy Thursday lovelies! 

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