What’s Her Secret?

Annie and I are always ordering bathing suits and clothes from Victoria Secret.  She always says she wants to know her secret since we spend so much money there.  🙂  Here’s my sweet little Annie Bannie when I was home for Christmas. 

Victoria struck again yesterday!  I went on my lunch break yesterday to check out the Semi-Annual sale and I found lots of goodies.  A few of them will not be featured on this blog.  🙂 

This hot pink shirt was $8.   

It’s much brighter in person, like the pink below:

The store by my office had tons of workout clothes on clearance.  I scored this lime green racerback shirt for $19 and I love the material.  The running tights were $19 instead of $50…that’s the kind of math I like people! 

I have my eye on these shoes that are online.  I’ll be a happy girl when they decide to sell clothes and shoes in the stores!

I was in love with these heels, but they are sold out of size 7.  I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of nude heels.  If you have seen some fabulous nude heels, send them my way!

It’s Friday and only 6 more hours until the weekend!

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