Perms Are All the Rage

Confession:  Under all those engineering brains, my husband is really a country boy at heart and loves all things diesel truck related. 

Nick’s pride and joy, GMC Sierrsa 2500HD and I should get major brownie points for remembering which truck it was (Kidding, I always think it’s a Silverado and had to ask. -5 points for me).

When big trucks come around, he gets all excited and reminds me of this guy:

On Saturday night, my truck lovin’ husband took me on his idea of a hot date. And by date, I mean we headed up to Boonsoboro, Maryland, and yes, it’s as classy as it sounds. Final destination = the Mason Dixon Dragway for the Western Maryland Truck and Tractor Pull! Kingston is definitely a small town and I embrace my southern roots, but I had never even heard of a tractor pull until I met Nick. Has anyone else from Kingston been to one? If not, fellow Kingstonites, please put the next tractor pull on your calendar because it’s a grand experience.

First, if you are as clueless as I was, here’s what happens at a tractor pull:

Semi’s, diesels, tractors, etc. try to pull the weighted trailor as far down the track as they can to get a “full pull,” usually around 300 feet. 

Here are some of the tractors we liked:

Confession #2: I love, love, love D.C.  And, apparently in the year that I have lived and worked here, I have become a little bit of what my husband referred to as a “city snob.”  I was seriously mermerized by all the locals that turned out for the tractor pull and couldn’t get over all the perms, feathered bangs, Harley Davidson t-shirts and Rebel flags.  I was so used to all of that in Tennessee, but I swear, you will NEVER see a Rebel flag or perm in DC unless it’s a tourist.  I’m used to people in suits, very metro men and political shenanigans these days. 🙂

These guys are regulars and came equipped with their own case of beer.

Funnel cake, permed hair and butt crack. NICE!

I even managed to get in a little shopping at the tractor pull!  You can imagine the treasures at the “Redneck Mall.”  I bypassed the Rebel flag bikini and got this awesome t-shirt:

I’ll be representing the Western Maryland Pullers!

Hopefully I can recapture my country roots next week when we head to Kingston.  In the meantime, I’ll be back with a new recipe later after I go perm my bangs and fix my hair with a banana clip.

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