We’re All Grown Up

Two of my favorite girls in the world just announced some big news.  Kayla is going to have a little bambino in December and Julia just got a big, fat diamond on her left hand! 

I met both of them in Mrs. Miller’s 2nd grade class at Kingston Elementary School and we’ve been friends ever since.  We cheered together, loved the boys of NSYNC (Lance, Justin and JC), spent many nights at each other’s houses and all quote Friends endlessly.  Even now, with all three of us living in seperate cities, we get together and pick up exactly where we left off the last time.  It’s like we never missed a beat.  Exhibit #1:  Our lunch date over Christmas at McAlister’s, which turned into a three hour gab fest. 

Julia and Kayla, I’m so happy for both of you and can’t wait to share these next big steps in each of your lives.  I’m so lucky to have two friends that have been beside me for every step in my life, know everything about me and still love me anyway.  And some of the stuff you two know is dangerous, although I know those secrets are safe since you were my partners in crime! (Although you did give Nick an earful right before our wedding and I think scared him from ever having a daughter like me, but he married me anyway, so I forgive you).  I love both of you and wouldn’t know what to do without all the laughs we’ve shared over the years.  However, I’m glad our hair and clothes have improved!!

Get ’em Jackets!  Julia, I bet we can both still do R-C-H-S!

Sophomore prom
Why did we think it was cool to wear long socks when we cheered? 8th grade at Cherokee Middle
Dance competition at Roane State
Senior Year Homecoming
Seriously HOT outfits for a New Year’s party in High School.
Jules and Peej
We survived high school together, except when we weren’t allowed to see each other for a few weeks one summer after we got in trouble with the parentals. 🙂
Coach Becky probably threatened to make us run the hill backwards for being inapppropriate.
 Julia, were you kissing her so she wouldn’t chase you around the house with you know what in her hand???
Jimmy had two extra brown haired daughters most weekends.  They stuck us on a mattress in the basement. 🙂 
Homecoming week at good ol’ Roane County High.

My wedding and yes, we danced to NSYNC.  

Kayla and Julia were roomies at Tennessee Tech and I came down often for sleepovers.

Kayla was the first one to get hitched the summer after we all graduated from college.

Sparkle and Twinkle

My wedding after they finally got us off the dance floor. She was just happy she finally married me off. 🙂
Kayla’s bachelorette party. She DO love me!

Pivot! Pivot! Shut up! Shut up! Shut UP!

An RCHS reunion over Thanksgiving

Dancing the night away in the Old City.

Their speciality is Boys II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You.”
Celebrating Kayla’s birthday a few years ago.

Thanks love for always letting me borrow your ring until I had one of my own. 🙂
Breaking out our favorite songs from high school!

Congratulations ladies and I love both of you so much! xoxo

4 thoughts on “We’re All Grown Up

  1. Julia says:

    OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!!! AND YES THAT IS WHY I WAS GIVING HER A KISS!! Or so she wouldn't flick a you know what in my hair!!! I love you girls and miss you both like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a girls sleepover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    I was laughing so hard as I was looking through pictures!!!! Can we have the sleepover in your Mom's cabin???? that would be awesome!!! love you!!!

  3. Travis and Kayla says:

    I love you! I don't love all these old pictures. Wow, we look different! =) I love you two girls and cannot wait for us 3 to be closer to each other. This living 5+ hours away STINKS.

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