Back To Life, Back To Reality

Did anyone else start singing the song by En Vogue?  No, just me?  Ok, moving on.

Nick and I are back to work today after a fantastic seven days in East Tennessee.  We spent lots of time with some of our favorite people and left Tennessee with seriously clogged arteries from all of the yummy, not so healthy foods we consumed.

Since our food options at the house were severely limited, we headed over to Rockville Town Square on Sunday morning and had breakfast at First Watch, a yummy little cafe where we can both have breakfast for $20 (a rarity in this city). 

I ordered chocolate chip pancakes, which were big enough to feed several starving children in a third-world country.  Did anyone else’s mother make you clean your plate as a child by saying, “Finish that bite, there are starving children in this world who would love to eat that?  I’m sure I’ll also say it to my kids. 🙂 

The hubby is an Eggs Benedict kind of guy.  Fact:  I had never eaten Eggs Benedict until we started dating.  I was an extremely picky eater as a child and if it didn’t involve Fruit Loops, pizza, chicken or hamburgers, I didn’t eat it.

Vacation was officially over when the pesky alarm went off at 5:45 this morning.  However, I did get a new sign for my office that I’m quite in love with. 

My love for ice cream is well-documented, so I thought this little gem from Etsy would spice up the boring white walls of the office a bit.  I also have plans to get a little crafty and freshen up the bulletin board a bit with some fabric and ribbon.   

People ask me all the time if that’s my child.  Nope, just obsessed with her!  I’ve also heard about my gorgeous friends. 🙂  I normally have several family pictures up, but they fell behind my desk and I don’t have a Go-Go-Gadget arm that can reach them.

If I could ever design my own office, it most certainly would not have white walls and gray carpet.  But at least my window gives me some contact with the outside world, even if the people 12 floors down look miniature.

Morning, folks!

If I could knock out that building, I would have a great view of the Washington Monument! 

I usually start my day with a quick educational read of what’s going on in the world:

Don’t worry, I head over to the Washington Post after getting my celebrity fix.

Speaking of Will and Kate, I think this outfit she wore in Canada is fab.  I’m crossing my fingers that the hat trend is going to take off here!

Whew, that was a large dose of all the random thoughts in my head.  Time to turn off vacation brain and switch to PR mode.

Happy Monday!  It’s beautiful here in our nation’s capitol!

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