Option: Avoid Ferries

When we left last Friday to drive to Tennessee, beltway traffic was terrible because of all the people trying to leave DC.  Nick and I decided to use the brains that God gave us and take back roads until we were past the mess and into Virginia.  We’re geniuses, I tell ya.

I selected the “avoid highway” option on the GPS and off we went. 

Traffic was really light as we drove through one small town after another.  As we were making our way through White’s Ferry, Maryland, Miss Victoria (our British GPS lady) announced we should, “board ferry ahead.”


We went around a really sharp curve and had to stop really quickly before we drove into this:

A freakin’ lake.  Good navigating, Victoria.  We both just sat there a little stunned for a minute as we watched a ferry loaded with cars go across the lake.

Victoria kept telling us to board the ferry (those GPS ladies get cranky when you ignore them), so we pulled up to the loading dock. 

We were the only car at first and then a long line formed behind us.  Who knew this many cars take ferries on a daily basis?

For $5, we had a nice little cruise across the lake with 30 other cars, which was definitely a first for both of us.  I’m pretty sure the ferry is from 1852, so I had my window open just in case I needed to swim for it.  Roxie was trying to swim for it.

After the ancient ferry managed to make it all the way across the lake, Nick looks at me and jokingly says, “I guess we should have picked the avoid ferry option.”

I looked.  It’s an option. 

9 thoughts on “Option: Avoid Ferries

  1. Heather says:

    But how COOL is it that you can say you've done it? I'm super impressed and jealous! Now you're one step closer to McDreamy and his Ferry Boats! : )

  2. Lauren says:

    I'm so glad you said that and I'm not the only crazy person who thought about McDreamy! Although I have to say the Seattle ferry is a lot nicer than the one in White's Ferry! Good thing the ferry didn't crash and I didn't almost drown like Meredith. man, maybe we have a problem???

      • Dopp says:

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