Kick Yo’ Booty At The Track

I’ve been wanting to try this Track Bootcamp workout ever since I saw it over at How Sweet It Is, so while we were home, I took advantage of the track at Southwest Point.  I had to do something to balance out all that fried southern food and sweets and this workout did not disappoint!

Except for running, I’m used to working out in a gym, so it was definitely a different experience to work out in the heat.  I was a hot, sweaty mess in about five seconds, but you can’t beat working out with this as your view:

Since we went to the track around 9:30 on a weekday, we were younger than everyone else by about 40 years, so it was like working out at the local retirement fitness center.  Hey, that’s cool with me as long as I don’t get passed while running by an old man with orthopedic shoes on.

I did this workout in about 40 minutes:

Track Bootcamp Workout

warm up: 2 lap jog around track
sprint 200m (half of the track), jog 200m
walking lunges 100m (1/4 of track)
sprint 100m, jog 200m
Perform: 25 squats, 10 burpees, 25 pushups
jog 200m, sprint 200m
Perform: 30 alternating lunges, 25 pushups, 25 plie’ squats
jog 200m, sprint 200m
jog 200m, sprint 200m
Run steps – one time up, one time down.
20 triceps dips on bleachers
Run steps – two times up, two times down
15 triceps dips on bleachers
Run steps – three times up, three times down
10 triceps dips on bleachers
jog 200m, sprint 200m
jog 200m
walking lunges 100m
jog 200m
25 pushups
cool down: 200m jog, 200m walk

I really felt all of those lunges the next day!  
While I worked out, Roxie had a little fun of her own.  We got her from a farm in Scott County, so we always joke that she’s a farm dog and hates the city.  She had a blast chasing rabbits and ran with me on a few laps.  She loves getting off the leash, which never happens in Maryland.

Nick said it’s mandatory to wear cutoff shirts in Tennessee. 
Happy puppy.

Great workout + time with my little family + time to talk to God + being by the lake = one happy girl! 

2 thoughts on “Kick Yo’ Booty At The Track

  1. says:

    Girl! You've inspired me. You are a tough cookie and look amazing. Although I'm afraid this workout may send me to an early grave, I can't wait to try it! I am loving your blog – you crack me up. πŸ™‚ XOXO, Jenn

  2. Lauren says:

    aw thanks lady! You will really like this workout I promise! And you've inspired me to run this half, which may actually kill me. πŸ™‚ Love the new blog look by the way!

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