Reason #552 of Why I LOVE D.C.

I have quite the love affair with D.C. (No, not the Bill/Monica or Weiner kind.  I’ll leave that to the political folks.  And speaking of Weiner, remember when I walked by his office a few weeks ago?  The door now says 9th Congressional District of New York.  They didn’t waste any time clearing him out of there!)

Anywhoo, I was headed to Capitol Hill this morning for a meeting.  It’s gorgeous here today-not hot yet and a nice breeze.  Every time I get off the metro and the dome of the Capitol comes into view, I get a little excited.  I don’t quite reach Jessie Spano’s level of excitement after she takes caffeine pills on Saved By the Bell, but still, there’s nothing like seeing these buildings every day.  I started thinking about the things I like most about D.C., so here’s a little list for ya.  

All the sights.  I love being surrounded by all the history and being where all the action is taking place.  I was catching up with Kayla (check out her growing bump!) earlier this week on my lunch break, so I walked the two blocks to the park in front of the White House and sat on a bench.  I didn’t see President Obama, but I did almost get attacked by a squirrel.  Watch out for those little rascals-they are way too used to people!

It’s no secret that I’m kind of a fat kid inside, so of course food has to make the list!  There aren’t a lot of chains, so there are lots of new options to try and almost everything we’ve tried has been amazing.  If you are making a trip anytime soon to D.C., here are a few to visit:  Founding Farmers, but you HAVE to get reservations, Old Ebbitt Grill (right Jenn?), Carmines, Tabard Inn and Jackson 20.  And yes, I’ll come with you and let you feed me.  🙂 

Shrimp and grits at Founding Farmers

Bourbon Walnut Pie at Old Ebbitt Grill

Although it can be harmful to your wallet, walking to shops and restaurants on lunch rocks.  ’nuff said.   

Cupcakes (it’s dessert, not food!) are everywhere here.  The most popular place is Georgetown Cupcakes becase of the show DC Cupcakes, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.  If you want them, call ahead so you can walk right in and pick them up.  Otherwise you are going to be waiting at least an hour.  I would tell you to head two blocks over to Baked & Wired instead because the cupcakes are twice the size and amazeballs.  We went to Georgetown Cupcakes when Heather and Mom were in town so she could see it, but we skipped the line and picked up a dozen cupcakes at Baked & Wired.  Hey, it was our birthday, so we needed extra!  They were in love.   

 I know the picture is blurry, but look at the very back corner on the right and you can see the beginning of the line.

I had a cupcake from Baked & Wired yesterday and it was delicioso.  I took this one home to Nick and had half of a carrot cake and half of a chocolate cupcake for myself.  Pink frosting is his thang. 🙂

This list could go on forever, but I will show you something I don’t like.  Every time I leave work late, it never fails that the metro is packed with people and sometimes I have to wait for a few trains to go by.  Yesterday was out of control trying to get off the metro and not only was I sweating profusely (tmi?), I was surrounded by morons.  Fail.  If anyone in the picture is reading this, I apologize.  But if you could have heard your conversation, you would have also called yourself a moron.

And, before I go write this press release that I’ve been putting off all week, I can’t resist showing you the fabulous shoes I got in Tennessee at Off Broadway.

I just realized you can’t see the shoes.  Now I’m the moron.  Here they are in all their glory.  Maybe not the best shoes to wear on the Hill because they were a little higher than I remembered, but hey, beauty is pain right?  I wear flip flops to and from work, so my inappropriate high heels work out.  No granny heels for this southern lady!   

I also went through Mom’s jewelry last week and brought a few items back in my suitcase.  Like these braclets I wore today.  Don’t they totally scream 1982?  Whatev, I love them.  I remember Mom wearing them when I was little and playing in them and now I’m sporting them to work!  


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