No Place Like Home

It’s Saturday and time for me to bust out what will hopefully be an 8 mile run.  First, let’s take a little look at what we did in Tennessee, shall we?


Took Roxie to the lake and a boy puppy tried to befriend her, but she wasn’t having it.  Sorry, buddy, she’s a picky one I tell ya.

Took this little love bug to the park.

My 10 pound Yorkie thinks she’s a lab.  We won’t mention her recent weight gain of .8 pounds because she’s a little sensitive about it.  Go ahead, call me a crazy dog lady.  My husband does!

Why do I look scared and Lily looks bored??

Nick is going to murder me for posting this, but this makes me smile.  Mi familia.

My not so little cousin.  Watch out ladies, he wants 7 kids!

I spent lots of time with this sweet baby girl and tried to convince her to say Lauren is awesome. She wasn’t having it.

My sweet Grandmom, who smacked me for making her take pictures.  I guess I didn’t get my love of self-portraits from her.  (Probably from you Hannah, even if that’s not possible!).

Ate some watermelon on the front porch.  Hey, it’s Tennessee, that’s what we do!  Have I ever said how awesome the South is?  I. Love. It
Isn’t the lake gorgeous? 

Tracy taught Lily the Jersey Shore fist pump.  Speaking of Tracy, keep him in your prayers because he’s in Japan right now working on Fukushima.


Some of Kingston’s finest came out of the woodwork for the fireworks and we caught some ladies eyeing up my husband.  It’s ok ladies, I think he’s handsome too. But hands off!
I saw my sweet Annie Bannie and little Miss Eva if you are wondering whose eyes those are! Eva put some makeup on me and I painted her nails.  I love little girlie girls! I tried to keep her, but for some reason Amy and Nathan wanted to keep their child. weird.
Ate some Mexican and drank some cervezas with my Dad-o.  Don’t we look alike here?
My little nugget, except at 3 a.m. when I could hear her crying even with a pillow on my head and a sound machine on.  Made me glad I just have a fur baby! 🙂
I’m pretty sure her exact words are, “What are you saying crazy Uncle Tracy?”  Watch out Lily girl, he will drive you STRAIGHT into the lake.  Seriously, he did that once when we were kids.  We just didn’t know the brakes were actually working. He’s a fun one. 🙂


Lily bug saw her first fireworks and she was mesmerized.  Isn’t my Mama beautiful?

Spent some time on Watts Bar Lake with these pretty ladies, which was good for my soul.

There were lots of uncaptured moments because we were so busy catching up, we forgot to take pictures half the time! Or maybe it’s because I broke the camera.  Same diff.

Nick and I are both grateful that we’ve had the chance to move and explore a new city, but still, to quote the Wizard of oz, there is no place like home.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend lovebugs!

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