We’re Fancy Pants

Yesterday after church, we headed to DC because Katie (Nick’s stepmom) was in town.   We had reservations for brunch at the Roof Terrace Restaurant at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Normally our after church meal isn’t quite so fancy, but Katie really spoiled us rotten yesterday!  The Roof Terrace is (obviously) on the roof of the Kennedy Center and has amazing views of the Potomac River and the city. 

The atmosphere is fancy, but isn’t overly stuffy.  It’s a buffet style brunch with a mix of traditional breakfast foods (bacon, waffles, Eggs Benedict, etc.) with a side of prime rib, seafood, pastas and salads thrown in.  Crab legs with a side of bacon and eggs?  Yes, please! 

You actually go through the chef’s kitchen to get your food, which is really neat.  We went with breakfast on the first round (which went undocumented because we dug in immediately) and seafood and meat on the 2nd round. 

Put prime rib in front of Nick and he's one happy guy!

The food was amazing, but it’s probably not a surprise that my favorite part was dessert.  Take a look at this:

 One entire room devoted solely to dessert.  This is my happy place, friends. 

We sampled lots of goodies, but my favorite was a chocolate mousse. 

It's fancier if you put it in a goblet instead of a bowl!

We spent some time walking around the terrace and the Kennedy Center after brunch to try to make those food babies disappear.  Wicked was playing at the Kennedy Center, but we didn’t catch a show (helloooo, outrageous prices), but we did walk through the Hall of States. 

The flags are hung in the order of how the States joined the Union. Tennessee is number 16...which was Peyton's jersey number!

We walked around Dupont Circle for as long as we could stand the heat and I had to visit Lou Lou Boutique, a jewelry and accessory boutique.  Charming Charlie is still in first place for my favorite store, but Lou Lou comes in at a close second!

Meet Teal Tressie, the new bag I picked up.  Am I crazy for naming my purse?  Never mind, don’t answer that.  🙂

I also spent some time trying on fascinators.  I’m seriously crossing my fingers that this trend takes off here, because I’m in love.  My husband thinks I’m a little crazy and a little too into hair bows and hats.  Boys don’t get it.  🙂

I like to think I could fit in well with these ladies:

I’ll let you know if we start hanging out!  🙂

I’m off to the dentist later to hopefully get my stitches out and be able to eat like a normal person.  Aaannnddd, I’ll be rooting for this guy during tonight’s finale of the Bachelorette:JP has been my pick from day one!

JP has been my pick from day one!

Happy first day of August!!  Thanks for a wonderful day Katie-it was great to have you in town!!

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