I See You Fall

YAY for the ending of the Bachelorette!  My pick was JP from day one, although Ben grew on me each week.  I love me some crazy reality TV and you better believe I’ll be tuning in for Bachelor Pad.  Jake and Vienna, the biggest train wrecks to ever come on this show?  It should be interesting!

I watched the show after a 5 mile run last night.  My run had me dreaming of all things fall because the temperature was a cool 78 degrees with a nice breeze.  It was the first run I’ve had in months where I didn’t feel like I might have a heat stroke!  My miles have been longer than normal because of the heat and last night was a much easier run.  I looked at the GPS at one point and my pace was 7:57!  It only lasted a minute or two, but I thought it was noteworthy!!  I’m more of a “slow and steady” runner, so I get excited when my pace is what I consider fast! 

I always ice after a run since I have knee issues.  Roxie loves when I come in from a run all nice and sweaty and tries to “help” take the the sweat away.  She’s gross like that.

Speaking of sweat, we went to a Nationals baseball game on Friday night and it was ONE HUNDRED DEGREES.  Perfect baseball weather, no?  We looked like we had been playing baseball after about 5 seconds!

Since the Nats aren’t the best team in MLB, tickets are pretty cheap.  We splurged and got tickets three rows behind the Nats dugout.  I’ve been to several Braves games before, but I’ve never been close enough to see the players’ expressions-it makes the game so much more fun!  A couple of fans were heckling some of the players and they were not so politely told to cool it or leave! I guess you have to behave when you have the good seats. 🙂


Stay cool friends!  Fall is right around the corner-we’ll be singing Rocky Top in no time!

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