A Girly Kind of Weekend

I’m pretty sure my husband is going to make me go back to a tractor pull or watch hunting on TV after our weekend.  Unfortunately for him, all of my best friends and family are 8 hours away, so he had to go was the lucky winner to accompany me to the American Idol concert.  I’m pretty sure he secretly enjoyed it, but I won’t tell anyone.  Except here on the World Wide Web.  🙂

We almost missed the concert.  I had it in my mind that the concert was on Saturday night.  I was getting ready for work on Friday morning and decided to make sure I knew where the tickets were.  Thank goodness I checked because I noticed the concert was Friday at 7:00, not Saturday.  Nick said it would have been a tragedy to miss it.  I may or may not have kicked him in the shin.  🙂

The concert was at the Verizon Center where the Capitols play and it’s really nice.  Our seats were off to the side of the stage so we could see all of the performers backstage.  We also caught Lauren Alaina break dancing before she realized everyone could see her. 🙂 Or maybe she didn’t care!  It doesn’t bother me to dance around our apartment with the windows wide open.  Maybe our neighbors feel differently?  Anyway, moving on…… 

I snapped another picture of us and said, “yay, we are seeing American Idol!”  Here’s what I got:

Clearly he’s thrilled. 🙂

Since Nick had people tell him all season that he looks like Stefano, he was going to dress like him and see if anyone wanted an autograph.  Thankfully for me, my husband doesn’t own white high tops.  Thank God because we would not be married if he did. 🙂  And of course, Stefano took his shirt off on stage.  If you watched the show, you understand.  Although I will admit he can sing, just not really my style. 🙂

The show was great! Our favorites were Lauren, Scotty, James, Paul and Haley, although everyone sounded great.  Pia can sing and the girl is beyond gorgeous, but she doesn’t have a lot of stage presence.  Her voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard though and made me wish (for the millionth time) that I could sing.  I told Nick that and he replied, “You would be too much of a diva if you were famous.”  I kicked him in the shin again.  Hhhmmpphh.

Nick said Pia reminded him of a Latin Jessica Simpson, which is ironic because Jessica has a big voice but I never thought she was great on stage.

I actually did see what he meant, but we’ll just overlook the long hair, pretty face and big boobs, m’kay?

Nick Someone forgot to charge the camera, so I was stuck with Droid photos, but that still didn’t stop me from a few self-portraits during intermission!


The concert was great!  We’ll see if any of them have successful careers after Idol, but the ladies did love some Scotty McCreary.  Or at least the 6-year old girl behind us did.  🙂

And of course I had to give this sweet puppy some love when we got home.  Apparently she wasn’t interested…..

We had a lazy day at the pool on Saturday after my 8 mile run, which was great!  I was a little off pace because it was pretty hot, but I felt fine mentally and physically. (I swear, running is at least 50% mental).  We continued our girly weekend with this movie:

 If you have read the book, you will love the movie!  It was really cute.  Nick even laughed at a few parts.  🙂  Julia and Kayla, you need to watch this!  They set up the end perfectly for the sequel.  John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) was adorable in the movie.  I’ve never heard of the actor who played Dexter, Colin Egglesfield, but we noticed that he looks like Tom Cruise.  Fine by me!

You’re welcome for that picture ladies.

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