Let’s Travel To Japan

My Aunt Kelly and Uncle Tracy have been in Japan for the past couple of weeks while he helps work on Fukushima.  They just got back last night (welcome home!) but they’ve been keeping the family entertained with funny emails and stories.  I wanted to share a few of their pictures.  

Meet Kelly and Tracy:

Let’s count to 10 in Japanese.  Don’t say I never post anything informative on this blog!

You can travel by a high-speed bullet train.  Maybe I just find that interesting because I work for a transportation association?

They went on a hike one day and Kelly sent pictures of everyone stretching, which I thought were hilarious!

Now, let’s take a look at their dining adventures.  I love to travel, but I’m thinking if I go to Japan someday, I may need to take some peanut butter crackers. 🙂


Isn't this what you want to pick up from the market for dinner?

YUM! A bucket of things with legs.

Tracy ordered seafood linguine one night at dinner.  It was full of clams and shrimp AND these little guys:

You won't find these bad boys on the menu at Red Lobster!

The waiters also don’t stop by your table and check on you.  You use this to call them if you need something:

I’m a terrible tour guide because I can’t remember all of the towns they went to.  But you can still see devastation everywhere.

How cute are these kimonos?

Random fact about Japan: Nick has been to Disney World in Japan, but he’s never been to Disney in the US. Isn’t that odd?

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