A Weekend With Moozie

As I mentioned, my sweet Mama (Moozie to me and my friends…I have no idea how that name came about, but it stuck) came to DC for Labor Day weekend and my half-marathon.  I worked a little bit on Friday morning and then met her at the White House for a tour.  Note to future tourists…..you CAN’T take a purse into the White House and they don’t have anywhere to leave it.  Since I live here, I took her bag and she went to tour the President’s casa.  Stupid safety rules.  I went through the gift shop and got these buttons for Nick and Granddad:

If you know my family, you will understand that it was definitely a joke.  🙂

After Mom toured the White House, we went to one of my favorite places to eat-Good Stuff Eatery.  It’s always packed (the owner was on Top Chef), but it’s so worth the wait.  Plus, this gives you time to take self-portraits!

Best.milkshake.ever.  Seriously, I could have one of these milkshakes every single day if it wasn’t for what it would do for my backside.  🙂 Mom wasn’t disappointed.

Clearly half of the burger was consumed before I would slow down and take a picture.

Not leaving a drop of that milkshake!

We did a tour of the Capitol and saw the House gallery. 

We also checked out the Supreme Court, but it was kind of bor-ing! It would be cool to go when you can actually go to court, but walking through the building wasn’t anything interesting (or maybe I’m just uncultured).

Before we went home for dinner, I had to introduce Mom to one of my favorite jewelry stores, Charming Charlie.  Stephanie, we definitely thought about you while we were there!

We also spotted some VIP’s at Union Station while we were waiting on the metro.  I didn’t know the President took public transportation…….

We spent Monday shopping around at Home Goods, Kohl’s and some other local shops.  It was so good to have my Mama around! I miss meeting her after work for dinner or to go shopping.  What was supposed to be a two hour trip turned into a six hour trip…oops! Love you Moozie!

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