Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

I had cheerleading all day on Saturday, but I did get to catch some of this action:

YAY for another win for UT! Sadly, my MTSU Blue Raiders didn’t fare so well. 😦 We are so happy to have football back on in our house, but we both get a little sad when we see Neyland Stadium and can’t be there.  Only one more month until our trip to Knoxville…can’t wait

We went to the Toby Keith and Eric Church concert on Saturday night.  I’m pretty sure my husband has a bit of a man crush on Eric…sorry to out you Nick. 🙂 Obviously we are huge country fans, but we weren’t really sure what to expect from Toby.  We know most of his songs, but aren’t huge fans or anything.  He was awesome.  He was so energetic, funny and can really sing.  He’s also really patriotic and had tons of soldiers in the audience, which was awesome since it was the night before 9-11.  There were lots of American flags and everyone was cheering for the soldiers.  It made me really proud to be an American! 

Toby and Eric both consumed A LOT of this during the concert:

Maybe that’s why they were so entertaining. 🙂

Toby sang some songs that have never been on the radio and they were really funny.   Check ’em out for a good laugh. 

Ballad of Balad

Get Out of My Car

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