“Helpful” Workout Partner

Last night there weren’t any classes I wanted to go to at the gym, so I decided to workout in our apartment gym.  I took Roxie on a two-mile run and it definitely felt like fall outside.  I’ll take running in 60 degree weather over 90 degrees any day!  It was amazing how much easier it felt.  (amazeballs, right Nick?)

People always laugh when they see me running with her, but she seriously has so much energy that it’s necessary.  I didn’t take her running over the summer because it’s too hot for her, but in cooler weather, we have to do something to burn off that energy.  I swear she’s a lab in the body of a Yorkie.  🙂 

Apparently she could have used more than 2 miles.  After I worked out in the gym, I came back to the apartment to finish up with some abs and she was ready to go!


If anyone needs a workout partner, I’ll let you borrow her.

And please ignore that I’m wearing a Christmas shirt.  And the fact that I did listen to Christmas music at work yesterday…….

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