Share The Wealth

Since today is the last day of September (unbelievable!), I wanted to share a few things I’ve loved this month. 

L’Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Mascara 
Ladies, this mascara will make your lashes look so long and thick for a mere $7.95 from Target or Wal-mart.  I got lucky in the eyelash department and mine are pretty long, but this mascara really makes them look full. I used it for our wedding and I haven’t found a brand so far that compares.

Champion Capri Legging
I bought these capris a few weeks ago at Target and I LOVE them! They are perfect for running now that it’s a little cooler, they don’t move when you work out and the length and fit is great.

Clearly my photography skills are top notch.

Water Jug
I got this-where else?-at Target for $5 and it’s perfect for the office.  I don’t have to get up constantly to refill my glass. Although if you drink all the water, you will be making lots of trips to the bano!

Oil Of Olay Body Wash
I’m normally cheap and buy the body wash that is on sale and smells the best, but I was an extreme couponer last week and had an Oil of Olay Buy One Get One Free Coupon.  The body wash is thick and creamy like lotion.  I’m not sure I can go back to the cheap stuff!

You Don’t Know Jacques by Opi
Since fall is officially here, I’ve switched out my pink nail polish and gone to the dark side.  Nick looked at my nails after I painted them last night and said, “going gothic?”  

Please excuse that my hair is a hot mess, I have no makeup on and I look like I have man hands. 

 And of course, I love these two:

Nick will kill me for posting this picture.

Happy Friday!! I have a hot date with the husband tonight (unless he sees the blog today with that photo).

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