Rednecks Don’t Like Hockey?

I’m SO happy that it’s Monday because it means it’s only four days until Nick and I hop in the car to drive to Tennessee!! We despise the eight-hour trip, but can’t wait to be home and see our family and friends.  We have lots of fun activities planned while we are home-a baby shower for my bestie, a birthday party for my Lily bug and Nick is turning 29 on Sunday.  There should be lots of cake and ice cream, which of course makes me a happy camper. 🙂 And of course, some UT football. Ah, bliss.

We had a date night on Friday night after work.  Well, I had to work.  Nick has it made and gets every other Friday off work-I’m always a little bitter when I have to get up on Friday mornings and he stays in bed.  

Since the Capitals are really popular here, tickets are really expensive during the regular season, so we got cheap tickets to a pre-season game.  Since we are fat kids, we started the night off right:

After dinner, I hit the jackpot when it came to dessert-a place that sells fro yo AND cupcakes.  So I had both.  Nick said if I get pregnant one day, I’m going to eat everything in sight.  The hockey game was so much fun.  Nick and I can’t figure out why hockey isn’t more popular in the south-it seems like the perfect sport for rednecks. 

During one of the breaks between periods (break? timeout? halftime? clearly my hockey knowledge is limited), they had a “Mites on Ice” game with little kids.  Cutest thing ever.  It was hilarious to watch these little 7 year olds chase the puck around.  There was a girl on the ice with a hot pink stick-LOVE!

 I’m pretty sure I’m not tough enough to ever play hockey.  Being slammed repeatedly into a wall doesn’t seem like much fun, but it’s great to watch.  The game was tied, so it went into overtime and a shootout for a Caps victory!  We definitely got our money’s worth out of pre-season tickets. 

I looked up Alex Ovechkin on my phone and realized he’s younger than I am.  I’m older than players in professional sports?  Depressing.  But I did point out to Nick that he’s really older than the players and that I will still be in my 20’s when he hits the big 3-0 next year.  Wouldn’t you want to be married to me? 🙂 


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