Last Year In The 20’s

Thankfully, I won’t reach 30 for a few more years.  Unfortunately for my husband, he’s staring the big 3-0 in the face-next year! (yes, I like to remind him of this fact).  Nick turned 29 today, so it was perfect that we were home and could celebrate with our friends and family. 

So in honor of his 29th year, here are 29 of my favorite things about him:

1.  He’s so pretty to look at. 🙂  Obviously.

2.  How much he makes me laugh every single day.  I’m not sure if other people will appreciate our humor, but I find him highly entertaining.

3.  Right after our wedding, he bought me my first dog ever and she is my baby.  He likes to pretend that she drives him crazy but then I catch this:

4.  Boy likes to eat.  So do I.

5.  Even though the thought of having a child gives both of us hives right now, I know he will be an amazing father when we do have little ninos of our own.

6.  He comes to watch my cheerleaders compete.  And man, do they love him!

7.  We have converted him to a VOL fan.  I mean really, who is there to cheer for in Idaho?  Well, Boise State, but you can’t beat signing Rocky Top and seeing SEC football!

8.  That he bought me my dream ring…hey, a girl has to have priorities right?

9.  How nervous he was when he put said ring on my finger! And if you are interested, you can watch our little proposal here which took place at Biltmore.

10.  That underneath those preppy polos, he’s a true country boy at heart and loves everything about the outdoors and hunting.  He tells me all the time that when we buy a house, we will have animals on the wall.  OMG, please let the house be big enough that he has a man cave so I don’t have to see antlers on in living room.

11.  Sometimes he still can’t understand my southern accent.  We’ve been together FIVE years!

12.  That we both loved Costa Rica before we even knew each other.  We celebrated our first anniversary there and are going back in January. 

13.  How well he fits in with my crazy, loud family.  He says he still can’t keep up with the conversation at the dinner table sometimes when we all get together. 🙂

14.  That he can hang out with my girlfriends but then let us have our time to laugh and remember crazy college stories (man, are there some good ones!)  Like the time we had a house full of sorority.

15.  That I gained some pretty awesome family members when we got married.  Even if they do eat crazy things like huckleberry pie! 

 16.  He’s a smart little math nerd and taught me how to figure out sales quickly in my head while shopping-muy importante.  Yes, I am a math reject.

17.  He hates running, but he’s running the Marine Corps 10K with me in a few weeks.  I secretly think he’s starting to enjoy it. 🙂

18.  His man crush on Eric Church.

19.  Watching his relationship grow with the Lord.

20.  When I couldn’t get my candle out to light the unity candle at our wedding (to the amusement of our guests), he saved the day.  Freakin’ thing was welded in there!


21.  He makes fun of The Bachelor, but he’s by my side every single week watching it.  He probably sticks around for the pretty girls, but his commentary makes it even better.  

22.  He’s not a city boy at all (see hunting reference above), but he took a job so I could move to the “big city” and work in DC.  And he only complains about the traffic and cost of living sometimes..well, a lot, but we are still here.

23.  He gets really into UFC fights and yells at the fighters on TV.  Once he watches the fight, he’s always in the mood to come see if I want to “fight” which usually ends with me being pinned and can’t move.  One day I’ll win!

24.  How often he brings me home my favorite ice cream from Bruster’s. 

25.  When there is something really funny happening or on TV (like the Charlie Sheen roast), he seriously gets so worked up and laughs until he can’t talk, which makes me laugh at him.  Then we are just two laughing fools together.

26.  When we are with my grandparents, he will sit with my Granddad for hours and listen to his stories from the Navy and growing up dirt poor during the Depression.   

27.  We have the most random conversations about clearly important topics, like what Steve Urkel is up to these days or what we would do if we scored a touchdown in the Superbowl. 

28.  We both love movies about people from Boston (Our Town, The Fighter) and then we proceed to talk to each other all day with a Boston accent.  His is good.  Mine is not.

29.  His thoughts are down to earth, mine are up in the clouds somewhere.  Somehow, we meet in the middle and make it work.                 

Happy Birthday Moose! I love you! XOXO

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