I Managed to Keep the Secret

We had the BEST time in Tennessee!  One of my favorite parts of our trip home was celebrating Nick’s birthday.  Since we were going to be home on his birthday, I wanted to get everyone together and PARTAY, but I wanted it to be a surprise for Nick.  I’m terrible at surprises-I ordered Nick’s birthday present in August and gave it to him the day it arrived at our apartment.  I’ll probably be the Mom who gives her kids all of their presents before Christmas. 

I was determined to keep the party a secret and not give him even one hint and surprisingly, it worked!  Nick played golf on Friday with the boys and thought we were meeting a few friends for dinner that night at Calhoun’s.  I also got lucky because his phone died that day, so I didn’t have to worry about slipping up about our evening plans. SCORE!

The plan was for everyone to meet at Abuelo’s at 6:30 and Mike and Summer would bring Nick at 6:45.  I was a little worried that he would question why they weren’t going to Calhoun’s, but the day of drinking golf took his mind off of it.  

The “surprise” ended up being a little backwards.  On the way to the restaurant, there were FOUR major wrecks on the interstate, so all of us were stuck in traffic.  If you know Mike at all, you know that boy has never been late a day in his life, so I knew Nick would be right on time.  Mom, Carrie (Nick’s sister) and I made it to the restaurant on time and Stephanie (my cousin) was already there too.  Everyone else was still stuck in traffic, so when Nick arrived, only a few of us were there, but he was still surprised!! All of our friends made it about 5 minutes after he did-oh well!

My cousin Stephanie, who you probably remember from our Susan G Komen race in DC this summer.

People in Tennessee always ask if Nick is Mexican (nope, just has really tan skin!), so his friends started a Mexican theme for his birthday and it’s continued every year.  This was Super Mexican Fiesta Weekend 7!  We had the party at Abuelo’s (also where we had our rehearsal dinner) and I got the best cake from Carly’s Cakes.  Seriously, if you are in the Kingston/Knoxville area, I’m ordering you to get a cake from her.  Besides our wedding cake, this was hands down the best cake I’ve ever had!

The first thing Nick said to me was, “how in the world did you manage to keep this a secret?!” 


How cute is Kayla’s belly?! I can’t wait to meet sweet little Asher in a few months.  I miss this girl so much and she lives way too far away from me.  Thanks for driving so fast from Memphis to make the party!!!

Nick, Mike and Travis (Kayla’s hubby)

I caught my husband encouraging the kids to eat the icing off the cake! I think margarita #4 had something to do with this


 Amy and Nathan are about to have baby #3! Their daughter Eva was the flower girl in our wedding. And Nathan, I just realized what you were doing-inappropriate!!

Brooke and sweet little Brylee. I was in Brooke’s wedding in 2008 and Brooke and Sam just had baby girl #2. They have been busy since they got married. 🙂

Nick and Carrie-people have said we look alike and it really creeps Nick out!

Annie, Erin and moi

Family photo! Michael and Hannah made it in from South Carolina just in time for the party.

Annie and Alan. I love this girl! We were in ADPi, college roomies and coached cheerleading together.

We seriously have the best friends in the world and miss them SO much since we moved to DC so having 25 of them all in one place was heaven!

We met some other friends out after the party and I felt right at home when Rocky Top and Sweet Home Alabama were played-you won’t hear that in DC!  I live in two different worlds. 🙂

Feliz Cumpleanos Nick!!

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