Showering Baby Asher With Love

After our Mexican-themed bash for Nick’s birthday on Friday night, we switched to all things baby on Saturday.  One of my very best friends, Kayla, and her husband Travis are getting ready for a baby boy in December.  He’s actually due the day before her birthday, which is funny because she hates having her birthday so close to Christmas. 

Kayla and Travis are living in Memphis right now while Travis is working on adding the fancy title of “Doctor” to his name.  We have never lived this far away from each other and I miss this girl like crazy! Although I can’t wait to have a dentist that can hopefully hook me up with some super pearly whites!! Kayla and I meet in 2nd grade and have been best friends ever since.  I spent practically every day at her house when school was out-her dad always joked he should claim me on his taxes because I was over there that much. Who doesn’t need a brown-haired daughter with freckles in a house full of blondes??

I couldn’t wait to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Asher (don’t you love the name?) and see that belly! Last time I saw Kayla she was a skinny minnie, so she looked a little different this time.  🙂 Kayla and Travis did their maternity pictures before the shower and  they are fab.  Another fantastic chica from Kingston, Ashley, took them and you should definitely check them out here.

I helped host the shower with Annie, Julia and our moms.  We got the invitation from Etsy and we loved it (obviously it’s much cuter without the scribbles). 

Isn’t that adorbs?  Julia was also quite crafty and made some really cute decorations.

She also made a fantastic Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball.  I’m talking, make this now, get some graham crackers and you won’t be able to stop eating it. Paula Deen knows her stuff!

We also hung up some of the clothes we bought for Asher.  I made Kayla a scrapbook, but I forgot to take a picture.  I started making the scrapbook this summer and I sent Kayla a picture text with my fingers basically glued together and said, “the things I already do for this baby!” 

Julia and Lily bug

Annie and Reed


Eva wanted to “hold the baby!”

Me, Mom and Lily bug (looking good Annie!)

Me, Kayla, Julia and Annie

Kayla and her niece, Josie B (Mike and Summer’s daughter)

Jules and Peej as we call each other (my middle name is Paige)

I can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy and spoil him rotten. And hopefully I’ll get to be cool Aunt Lauren when he gets older and thinks his parents are lame. 🙂 

Love you Twinkle and I know you are going to a fantastic mama!! Aunt Sparkle will be sure to teach Asher all kinds of fun stuff!!

6 thoughts on “Showering Baby Asher With Love

  1. Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices says:

    You are GORGEOUS…love your hair- I’m jealous 🙂 I LOVE your dress too- so pretty 🙂
    What a cute name- I haven’t heard that very much, unique names are always the best.
    Etsy is one of my favorite websites-I just orderd a bunch of stuff from my sister & brother in law’s baby off of there- homemade stuff is awesome because no one else will have it 🙂

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