Lily Bug’s Birthday Party

If you read this blog very often, you probably know that I’m a little obsessed with my niece Lily.  I mean, she is named after me (Lauren Paige & Lillian Paige).  Miss Lily will turn 1 on October 23 so we had a little birthday bash to celebrate while we were in Tennessee.  And yes, that was our third party of the weekend!  We were up to our ears in cake and ice cream, which is obviously okay with me since I’m also obsessed with ice cream.

It was gorgeous while we were home, so it was perfect for a party by the lake.  Lily wasn’t into the cake eating portion of the party, but she did love the gifts! Sounds like we have a little diva on our hands already.


 Don’t you chew on your birthday presents?  

The family that keeps Lily bought her a DVD system for the car!!  We all told them when our birthdays were so I’m expecting one in April.

I’ve spent the past few months working on a scrapbook for Lily.  And yes, in addition to the scrapbook for Kayla.  I’ve been covered in glue and glitter on the weekends. 

The theme for the scrapbook was “The ABC’s of Lily’s First Year” and each letter was a different page.  A for arrival, M for Mommy & Me, T for Things I Can Do, etc.

Mom told me last night that Lily wants to look at it every night and she will sit there forever while they go through it.  Hopefully this will make her remember me until I’m home again.  Or Heather can just hold a picture of me up and say, “I’m your Aunt Lauren.”  FRIENDS fans, did you catch that reference??

Heather and Lily

Roxie spent the entire party in and out of the lake.

How cute is my Granddaddy??

My favorite little girl in the world!! Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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