I’m Ready to Retire in Florida

I spent the past week in Orlando for work and I’m pretty sure I’ve almost convinced Nick that we should pack up and move to Florida.  Sunshine, beaches, no winter weather…what’s not to love?

If I do manage to pull off this plan, I’m hoping we can live at the Peabody Orlando.  This hotel is oh-so-fancy.  Maybe the Peabody Ducks will let us live in the Royal Duck Palace?

I did catch the ducks one day and it’s really cute!  

If you don’t know anything about the Peabody Ducks (I thought the only one was in Memphis), here is a little 411 for you:

Each morning, promptly at 11 a.m., the hotel’s atrium lobby is the scene of a remarkable ritual. In a special elevator, the five North American mallard ducks, four hens and one drake, comprising The Peabody Ducks, descend from their $100,000 penthouse Royal Duck Palace.

When the elevator doors open, The Peabody Ducks, accompanied by their crimson-and-gold- braid-jacketed Duck Master™, take up their positions on a plush red carpet and begin The March of The Peabody Orlando Ducks to the strident tones of John Philip Sousa’s King Cotton March.

They waddle their way in formation through the hotel’s marble halls, and when they reach the magnificent, orchid-crowned fountain, which takes center stage in the Atrium Lobby, the ducks mount three red-carpeted steps and splash into the fountain’s waters. Tumultuous applause reverberates through the lofty, foliage-draped lobby, and standing ovations are the order of the day by the hundreds of onlookers who daily crowd into the hotel to see one of the greatest shows on earth.

At 5 p.m., the procession is reversed, The Peabody Orlando Ducks marching back to their special elevator, then to their Royal Duck Palace for dinner and a quiet evening together.

The ducks were cute, but my favorite thing about the Peabody was my bathroom mirror:

Yes, that would be a TV in my bathroom mirror.  How cool is that?

The conference I was working had a private night at Hollywood Studios and it was pretty cool to have the place to ourselves! I have to say, the Tower of Terror is a little lame.

I did find a ride that wasn’t lame:

And how cute is this guy (I was at a transportation technology conference):

We also went to a reception at the ICE Bar, which everything is made of (obviously) ice.

Fun concept, but WAY too cold for my southern blood.

Add another reason that Florida is calling my name: palm trees

My brain is still fried from the conference, so those are the best sentences I can put together at this point. 🙂

Happy Monday.  See you at a retirement home in Florida??

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