Yes, Yorkies Can Hike

It’s cold and rainy in DC today, but the weather was fabulous this weekend when Nick and I went hiking in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  

Fact #1:  Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia all meet in Harpers Ferry, so you could technically be in three states at once!  Although I think it’s technically in the river, so you may get a little wet.

Fact #2:  Harpers Ferry played a role in the Civil War and it changed eight times between the North and the South (that one is for you, Dad!).

Fact #3:  The Appalachian Trail passes right through the town of Harpers Ferry.

And that’s it for your history lesson.  Let’s see some lovely fall foliage, shall we?

I had to sport some Tennessee orange even though the game didn’t quite turn out in our favor.

We hiked about 6 miles and everyone kept commenting on Roxie being with us.  One lady said, “what an enthusiastic little dog!”  What can I say?  She’s one tough little Yorkie. 

Stay dry ya’ll!

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